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We hope you find everything you need at Children of the Light (COTL), prominent dance theater in the community. Our focus is on youth, theater and dance. 
We will do everything to encourage youth to accept who they are and enabling them to express their creativity. 
Through instruction COTL will expand the children's dancing, acting, singing, working together, and understanding the importance of giving back to their community.
Do you like to Dance?
Do you also like to Sing and/or Act?
But, you may not have had formal training…
Well this is the place for you!
Children of the Light Dance Theater, is a theater of young dancers, ages 5 -18, merging their own inspired talents with taught dance routines, theater singing and acting basics, and the art of creating together!
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Future Workshops
Workshops will be held every Saturday.
Future workshops below:
  • FAD Dance 
  • Family Dance with Me
  • DIVA... Just Dance
*Classes and times are subject to change.
Contact Us
Kimberly Gross, Founder
Ciera Adair, Dance Coordinator
Mailing Address
2505 Lord Baltimore Drive A-85
Baltimore, MD 21244
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